lundi, décembre 07, 2015

Tried to get your attention all night long asked you once, I asked you twice, asked you four times if you'd like to dance to that song...

The Courteeners announced a winter tour a few months ago. As usual, it only took place in England and unfortunately any date was ok for me until they announced extra dates and one in particular got my attention... So, after having thought about it for a long moment (well five minutes actually), I bought my tickets to attend to the gig scheduled at The Forum in London on Saturday, 5th December. 

It turned out it was the first gig I attended to after the horrific events that occured in Paris on November 13th so needless to say I was quiet worried to go back to a concerts venue. But after all, what better way to ward off bad luck than seeing one of my favourite bands live? Besides, it is always heartwarming to share an evening with those who manage to make you happy through their words and music, right? Even if I have no doubt I would have liked the show under any circumstances, I have to say that it tasted even better in those hard times. Seeing people smiling, having fun and singing their hearts out must be the best way to erase fear and sorrow...
Before the support band arrived on stage, the "before gig playlist", as I like to call it, was composed of some good old Clash songs (hearing "London Calling" in London, never a cliché had felt so good!). Pretty Vicous were quiet good even if their set sounded a bit messy. 
Just before The Courteeners appeared on stage, we could hear "Morning Glory" in the background. People (including myself and the whole balcony) sang so loud we couldn't even hear Liam G anymore. What an Oasis reunion would sound like? (Probably fucking great but don't get me started on that.) The Courteeners were them stunning. The setlist was mainly composed of songs from their last record and older tunes. It featured "How Good It Was", "Small Bones", "Beautiful Head", "Acrylic", "Next Time You Call", "Kings of the New Road" and the exquisite "Smiths Disco" among others. White roses were thrown at the foot of Liam at the beginning of the show, felt so poetic (and honestly he had never looked like Morrissey as much as he did at that moment he put one of them on his guitar). They of course also played "Not Nineteen Forever" during which someone (well in fact a group of 3 or 4 tipsy, totally drunk or simply stupid guys) threw a smoke bomb on stage. Liam stopped playing and lights went on (ok, at that point I started to freak out, we all heard or read people telling what happened at Le Bataclan and it really reminded me of that...). Fortunately, Liam gave those guys hell for a few minutes and security guards chucked them away. (Seeing Liam getting pissed asking "who was it?" in his northern accent was fairly sexy I confess.) The band started the song again saying "it's for everybody else". Pretty elegant to carry on! All in all, I spent a wonderful night. I am used to evaluating my love for bands in terms of the strength of the post-gig depression that usually follows and the one I'm currently having is one of the most intense I've ever had. It felt so good and reassuring to fell in love again with an amazing band, to feel invicible thanks to their music, to delve into concrete love...

The Courteeners Setlist O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England 2015


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